Antioch has an ongoing commitment to the creation and performance of new choral works. To that end, we offer masterclasses, residencies, and concerts that feature the works of new composers. We recently completed a residency at Princeton University where we worked with emerging composers of choral music. Some of the institutions of higher education for which Antioch has performed and provided master classes are Harvard University, Vassar College and Washington and Lee University.

If you are interested in learning more about what we could offer your college or university, please email our management through our Contact Us page. In the meantime, see below what top University students and faculty have to say about our work!

Princeton University

Gabriel Crouch, Director of Choral Activities: “There is nothing that transforms the musical horizons of students, or which redefines their sense of just what is possible when people join their voices together, quite like singing alongside the very best professionals in the business. And that’s exactly what happened when the Antioch Chamber Ensemble visited Princeton… The opportunity to make music and connections with these generous and approachable masters of the craft is priceless!” 

Princeton Town Topics review of the concert: “This year’s “Glee Club Presents” choral experience featured the New York-based Antioch Chamber Ensemble, a professional chorus which has been performing worldwide and recording for more than 20 years. The joint collaboration between the Antioch Ensemble and University Glee Club had a special focus on undergraduate composers within the Glee Club, and the culminating performance featured several newly-composed works by current and past Glee Club members.”


“I am so grateful for the skills and investment the Antioch Chamber Ensemble provided to help bring my music to life. Working with them was a joy and an incredibly valuable experience to have as an undergraduate.” (Natalie Stein)

“It was a wonderful collaborative experience to get to work with Antioch, and it was very satisfying hearing them perform my piece so beautifully!” (Theo Trevisan)

Washington and Lee University

Morgan Luttig, Visiting Choral Director at Washington and Lee University: “The Antioch Chamber Ensemble masterclass with The Washington and Lee University Singers provided wonderful insight on different approaches to choral singing. Each of the guest artists worked to bring out the innate musicianship within the singers while focusing on vocal pedagogy, musical expression, and composer intent. This was a unique and meaningful experience for all involved!”

Washington and Lee University

Harvard and Vassar Faculty

Andrew Gregory Clark, Director of Choral Activities and Senior Lecturer on Music Harvard University:

“The Antioch Ensemble provided a transformational artistic and pedagogical experience for our students. Their thoughtful mentoring through constructive and supportive feedback empowered our students to create new works beyond what they had imagined. The ensemble’s performance dazzled our audience as well. It was a privilege to collaborate with such gifted and collegial artist-teachers.”

Kristen Sands Giving vocal advice at VassarDrew Minter, Countertenor, Senior Lecturer in Music, Vassar College:

“In their master class with the Vassar choral ensembles…the Antioch Chamber Ensemble gave generously of their expertise in achieving better blend and ensemble mastery.  Kristin [photo on right] gave invaluable vocal advice to the women especially, while Stephen helped the men find a better blend and gave good tips on how to give and take cues as a choral ensemble.  Josh was terrific at explaining things about the music the students were singing and transmitting them into vocal sounds.”

Harvard Student Composers

Sam Wu, Harvard class of 2017: “Working with the Antioch Chamber Ensemble has been a transformative experience. [Antioch was] supportive, kind, and professional. The ensemble was incredibly detail-oriented throughout the rehearsal process. They asked technical questions that had larger musical ramifications and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of choral writing even as I am considering my answers. A mentor once told me, “performers can practice in their homes. Composers can only ‘practice’ when they hear their music played, live.” Participating in Antioch’s residency re-affirmed this idea for me; I am grateful for the lessons that can only be learned from a world-class chorus.”

Eleanor Bragg, Harvard class of 2019: “The Harvard choral composers project with the Antioch Ensemble gave me an unprecedented opportunity to realize my ideas for an original choral piece, and to refine my musical work to enable the best possible performance.”

Karen Christiansen. Harvard class of 2017: “It was exhilarating to then hear the months of work come alive through the voices of the Antioch Chamber Ensemble. The singers were so gracious with their time and offered constructive suggestions on how we could further improve our scores from a singer’s perspective. It was truly spectacular to hear all of the student compositions performed with such high caliber.”

Ari Korotkin, Harvard class of 2017: “…the opportunity to work with the Antioch Chamber Ensemble was wonderful. The group sang each piece with conviction, virtuosity, and artistic maturity. It’s a rare privilege for any college-aged student to be granted something as rewarding as this program. Undoubtedly this experience has helped shape me as a student and a musician, edifying me in both regards.”

Sean Rodan, Harvard class of 2017: “[The Harvard New Music Initiative] has definitely been the highlight of my experience as an undergraduate composer at Harvard. …it was a privilege to have my work read, workshopped, and performed by an amazing professional group such as the Antioch Chamber Ensemble, who treated the work with such sensitivity and care.”.

Member, Chamber Music America